Saturday, July 2, 2011

Design Inspiration

House in Gauses by Anna and Eugeni Bach

A small house in a village in Spain. A featured house in Architectural Record.

The architects have employed an open plan while building the structure using traditional construction methods.

Several design themes resonate with our design concept,
-       -  The architects have used load bearing walls to reduce use of structural concrete and steel
-       -  Designed the house so that the corner of the living room opens up to make it a part of the porch and garden while providing views to the mountains beyond
-       -  Used local materials and techniques, like the woven cane for the roof over porch wrapping the house along with contemporary materials like steel frame and aluminium windows.

This is a small house with a very contemporary design that fits right into the surrounding landscape without needing to copy traditional house typologies or making a strong architectural statement. I would identify this as an example of responsive contemporary architecture.

According to an architect friend of mine, 'architecture is nothing but the play of light on surfaces'. This house scores high on that aspect with the beautiful light cane roof creating dynamic patterns on light and shade on house walls that are painted with bright green and white stripes. Everyone, please note that the cane roof needs to be replaced every two years. This material is similar to the way Goans create woven screens from coconut leaves.

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