Thursday, July 21, 2011

Look what we brought back from the market !!

This is a local vegetable that grows in the wild in Goa in the monsoons. It looks very intriguing and tastes like meaty beans... 

Can anyone help me find its name? and any other interesting information/ properties ?


  1. Isn't this 'Akur'? The internet has no information on it. It's a seasonal veggie that grows wild during the monsoons. I'll take a look at the Goan cookbooks at home and see if I can dig up anything!

  2. Thanks Miss Frangipani, it is Akhur. Interestingly there was an article in the local newspaper recently about the seasonal monsoon vegetables in Goa. Others highlighted were the wild mushrooms, kelful and ambades. I will post about these and hopefully interesting recipes when I can get my hands on them. If you have any traditional recipes then please do share !

    This can be our small attempt to preserve local produce and preserve the diversity in our markets and on our plates !

  3. I love ambades. Our ex-maid made plenty for us last year at Ganesh Chaturti time. Have you had the mushrooms yet?

  4. Yes! Found the mushrooms once on my way to Bicholim. We cooked them like a xacuti. I have also heard that mushroom tonak is delicious. Have you ever tried it that way?

    Regarding ambades, I will buy some this week then let us exchange recipes !



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