Saturday, July 30, 2011

Why country homes should not look like five-star hotels....

Because they can look like this. A country house in Formentera, Spain courtesy 'the style files'. 

I firmly believe that country homes is a unique architectural genre and building them to look like five-star hotels is the easiest way out. Country homes should celebrate their location and be a part of the surrounding countryside by using local materials, local traditional construction techniques and rustic interiors/ furniture. 

Another key element for cozy country homes is their relationship to the outside. In the most enjoyed homes in the country, the outdoor spaces are as important if not more than indoor spaces. After all, the reason to be out in the country is to reconnect with nature, to de-stress and inspire, all in an effort to enrich the patron's quality of lives. Outdoor spaces are also important to entertain while spreading the joy to family and friends.

Country homes provide the perfect backdrop to indulge in the simple rustic country life with its treasures of exotic fruits, fresh farm produce, tropical drinks, and traditional robust recipes.

Why build a house in the country if at best it feels just like an expensive apartment in the chaotic city? when there is the opportunity to build and enjoy something like this ...


  1. Good post, AM! Loved that last image. Beautiful blues and whites there.

  2. Love these pictures, especially the one with the tree trunk through the settee



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