Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Sublime Reis Magos Fort in Goa

Last week the beautifully restored Reis Magos Fort was opened for public. Below are some pictures. The highlights are the fort's pristine condition post-restoration, its siting and views. I love the feel and texture of laterite stone with whitewashed walls, clay tile roofs and wild greenery, all aspects that I believe are so quintessential to Goa.

The fort is located on a hill and accessed through a ramp and two narrow staircases, all executed in beautiful laterite masonry. Laterite is the local stone and most common building material used in Goa.

I write this post while hoping that we can continue to maintain this treasure and not let it once again fall into disrepair and neglect.

Country tile roofs of the building inside the fort walls
Gorgeous earthy central courtyard
View of Reis Magos church and cemetary from the highest point of the fort 
View of the river Mandovi from the fort
Narrow stairs leading to the fort will beautiful terraces below

Fort wall with lookout station

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