Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Contemporary V4 House in Brazil

Rustic stone combined with minimal staircase at V4 House, Brazil

I am consistently amazed and inspired by the contemporary residential architecture emerging from Brazil. For the longest time the rage was contemporary homes in Bali and the new Asian Tropical architecture … and now, more and more I am finding that homes in Brazil (also a tropical country with similar weather patterns as Goa; and as a side note, both former Portuguese colonies), is offering some stunning examples of contemporary architecture that are inspiring while we build Nivim.

The following are pictures of the V4 House in San Paulo, Brazil published in Archdaily on August 13, 2012. 

The most interesting aspect of this house is the living room, where doors on both sides of the living room completely retract to allow for the integration of the front garden, living room and back patio… wassaa…sounds familiar… yep, this has been the concept for our living room space too with two long walls fitted with sliding doors that open up to make the living room one space with the front and back courtyards. You can re-visit it on our previous blog post, 'Dreaming up a life lived outdoors'.

We love the clean lines, the natural flow of space, minimal furniture and integration with rustic materials. Enjoy the images of the spectacular living space at V4 House below, all courtesy Archdaily.

Then there is this bathroom at the V4 house (below), truly inspiring... I am happy to say that we have 4 such bathrooms at Nivim. Each bathroom designed with its own courtyard and seamless connection to the outdoors.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

And, we are back ...

We are back !! After another sojourn to NY this time with a side trip to California as well ! A lot has been keeping us occupied at Nivim. Soon to follow this post are posts on the final stages of the construction at Nivim, the flooring, bathrooms, landscaping, etc etc...

Photos from top-left: Julia Pfeiffer Burns Park at Big Sur, CA; Fresh organic carrots; Lavender fields, Sonoma, CA; Wildflowers, Pacific Coast, CA; Vineyards, Sonoma, CA; Bright organic rhubarb; Artichoke flowers; and Cabin in the redwoods, Big Sur, CA


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