Tuesday, October 9, 2012

WEEK 90 - Glass, hardware and closing it up

We have come so far... Now when I look at the previous construction updates and old pictures, I find it hard to believe that we are almost ready to be finished. At this point, we have installed most of our glass and door hardware. As we speak, the plumbing fittings are going up along with final electrical wiring and switchboards. Hopefully, after this, we will be only left with applying final paint and polish to stone and IPS in floors and walls.
Living room opening detail with find glass, louver and mosquito net detail. See photos of the stage when we began framing this opening and how far we have come. 
Detail of our main entrance door to the living room with is pivoted from the center
Majority of the glass used in the house is toughened that enhances the safety and security of the openings. We have also used solar control glass in the east and west facing openings to reduce heat intake when the sun is lower and not easily protected by horizontal shading devices.

Along with the main house interiors, we are also busy with completing the pavilion block and the outdoor landscaping work. More on that soon..
View of the LHS Bedroom and Master Bedroom with all openings completed
Pavilion block from the driveway with service area below. Loving the shadow of tree on the building !
The bathrooms are also coming together great. See photo below of glass being fixed in the bathrooms. I promise a more detailed report on only bathrooms soon too...

Glass fixed to the master bathroom using patch fittings. On the right is the corner of outdoor tub in the master bathroom

Continue reading more updates for the project.


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