Monday, December 3, 2012

Week 97: So close and yet so far....

We have been at final finishing stage for the last three months and at this point I feel like I can see the finish line, feel it but just can't reach it... so here is me venting...big time....

We have had a major exodus of labor at Diwali... All labor went home for the festival and we are left with 2 labor + 2 painters on our site for the past 3 weeks ++ our electrical sub-contractor has been sick, has had a surgery and has disappeared with zero contact... Add to this inefficiency from the landscaper, a slow plumber and stubborn painters... the result is that we are just weeks away from completing the project before FF&E but just can't seem to wrap it up.

FF&E stands for Furniture, Fixture and Equipment, in our case that includes the kitchen and closet cabinetry, movable furniture and equipment. Only once we complete the messy construction phase can we move to the next. Most light fixtures are already on-site waiting to be fixed and most furniture has already been bought and is waiting in warehouses to be delivered....And that makes the situation even more frustrating... when we have planned ahead and made sure that all pieces from our end are ready, but we just can't move ahead ....

The other frustrating aspect of this situation is my inability to control the situation.. I had no inkling that labor would leave, and now have practically no control in the time it takes to get them back on-site. Lessons learned, more control, more communication.... ?? is that possible ?

Below are pictures of the spaces as they look now. I almost feel like picking up the paint brush and broom and clean the place up myself.





PS: there is a surprise element above the wash basin counter in master bathroom... which we hope to reveal soon !


  1. This is going to be amazing! Can't wait to see it finished. Remember to call me so I can write about it :)

    1. Thanks Miss Frangipani ! At this point, I need all the encouragement I can get ! And you will of course be called and thanked once (if) it is finished, you have been such a great help with the blog !

  2. Hi Anjali, Look fabulous, I am in two minds on weather to build new or renovate old house in Aldona and am looking at both options. Share your interest in environment (am a environmental scientist) and also modern design (this is my house in Sri Lanka; Would love some advice on contractor and building process in Aldona if you are willing to share it ! I am Dr. Vikrom Mathur and email is

    1. Hi Vikrom, Thank you for reading the blog and your compliment ! Your house in Sri Lanka looks amazing. We are certainly aiming for a similar earthy contemporary feel as well. I will email you a longer response. Best Anjali

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