Thursday, January 31, 2013

Week 103: Nivim at Night


It is romance, pure and simple. The love with which each detail for Nivim has been thought of, designed and executed is beginning to shine through in the near final product. As we install lighting, we did a tiny test one night last week and the results here to share.

I will also like to mention that the existing Scholar's trees (3-5 in number) on our site flower in November- December and have this intoxicating cardamom like smell at night that envelopes the entire site in the cool winter evenings. In addition, we are planting Jasmine, known as the 'queen of the night' in the entrance courtyard so it will scent the living room entrance and two bedrooms at night. Imagine walking to and from the main house to the pool and pavilion and every time you do so feeling the breeze of sweet floral smell welcoming you....


  1. it was today that i found your blog and must say,its absolutely a lovely read..I am enjoying reading your posts..And its quite lakshmi

  2. Hi Lakshmi, Thank you for reading. We should soon have photos of the completed house, so stay tuned !



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