Friday, March 22, 2013

Water water everywhere... or is it ?

A traditional boali, or water tank in Nizamuddin in Delhi. Now clogged with garbage and waste 
It is World Water Day and an excellent time to remind ourselves that Water is an extremely precious resource.

We have implemented many interesting strategies to save, store, reuse and recycle water at Nivim. We have actually found that water efficiency strategies are some of the easiest to implement. We promise you a lengthy post on our efforts with water soon.

Until then, here are four great reminders of our need to save water in India..

1. TED Talk by Anupam Mishra on the traditional methods of rain water harvesting in the desert region of Rajasthan.

2. An article on the pollution of our rivers specially the once mighty Ganga by Sunita Narain,

3. An article on the water woes in India,

Image courtesy Down to Earth
4. An article on the daily consumption of water in India and ways to reduce water use in a household,

Hope that these articles begin to answer the questions on the need to save water, ways to begin thinking about it and why we must act now or it will be too late ....

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