Monday, September 22, 2014

More photos !

Interior of Master Bedroom
Here are some more photos of the completed Nivim. Please note that NIVIM photographs are copyright protected and can only be reused with prior written permission.

For more photos, click on this link.

Main House from the driveway
Pool deck, existing trees on the right and view beyond
Pavilion block and Pool deck
Pavilion block and Pool deck 
View of the Main House 
Interior of Living Room 
Interior of Living Room
Entrance to Living Room and Front verandah
Interior of Living Room 
Interior of Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom Deck
Interior of Guest Bedroom 01
Indoor-outdoor at Guest Bedroom 01
Indoor-Outdoor at Guest Bedroom 02
Interior of Guest Bedroom 02
View from Living Room Roof Terrace
Interior of Pavilion Block Bedroom 
Verandah at Pavilion Block with Main House as backdrop 
Living Room Front verandah looking at the Pavilion Block
Indoor-outdoor Master Bathroom
Indoor-outdoor Guest Bathroom 01
Indoor-outdoor Guest Bathroom 02

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What is in the name ?

Welcome ! This is the view from the main entrance door towards the pool and deck at Nivim

Ever wondered why the house is called 'Nivim' ?

'Nivim' is the name of the land the house is built on. We found it on the historic land records for the house and it only made sense for us to continue to use it as our commitment to the history and legacy of the land and our love for the inherent beauty of Goa !


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